Phytocosmetics & Phytotherapy Congress

November 27th

Presentations  on Day One 

Download here: IPPC Brazil 2017 – FULL PROGRAM_Final

Monday    27 November 2017



09:00 Welcoming remarks Filipe Giardini State University of São Paulo
09:10 Iguatemi Costa Natura
09:30 Jalal Ghaemghami International Society for Phytocosmetic Science
09:45 Ethics Someone Inspiring Believe and Trust
10:00 Keynote Armando Cáceres Maya super foods: Composition and function


11:30 Science & Industry Fernando Ferrer Conversation with Sponsors
12:00 Daniel Barreto Natural Products: Bench to Market


14:00 Phytocosmetics Patricia Campos Phytocosmetic Research
14:30 Phytotherapy Milagros Mesa Methodological approach for the development of herbal products: Cuban experiences
15:00 Julia Bagatin Application of olive extract for the melasma treatment: a clinical pilot study
15:20 Phytomedicine Xavier Lozoya Equibiotics: The innovative approach in treatment
15:40 Market Fernando Ferrer Strategic planning is for all of us


16:30 Safety and biodiversity Maria Inês Harris Waldir Veiga Jr. Phyto Ingredients – Quality and safety
16:50 Bruno Oliveira Traceability and sustainable sourcing



 Roundtable Q&A Jalal Ghaemghami

Daniel Barreto

Rodrigo De Vecchi

Armando Cáceres Iguatemi Costa

Effective collaboration between academia and industry

18:00 – 20:00

 Poster Session I Chair: Sandro Reis  Foyer at Bourbon Convention Center
 Reception Cocktail (Ticket) and Social Hour

(Tickets will be sold at the venue)

Download here: IPPC Brazil 2017 – FULL PROGRAM_Final

November 28th

Presentations  on Day Two 

Download here: IPPC Brazil 2017 – FULL PROGRAM_Final

Tuesday    28 November 2017

08:30 Poster Session II Chair: Yann-Olivier Hay Foyer at Bourbon Convention Center
09:30 Cosmetics and  Sustainability Fabiana Munhoz Importance of naturality and its evaluation for a sustainable development
10:00 Tatiana Mosquera Shelf life cosmetic creams made of Aristeguietia glutinosa and Ocotea quixos
10:20 Marcella Leite Application of natural ingredients in hair care cosmetic formulations
10:40 Tao Chen The enzyme inhibitory and anti-oxidative activities of a natural ingredient
11:00 Iguatemi Costa Oenocarpus bataua – Traditional knowledge, science and sustainability
12:00 Sustainability Claudia Lima Sustainability and Non-Governmental Work
12:20 Sandro Reis Waste material from juice industries a source for natural cosmetics
12:40 Ufuk Koca Novel nanobiocatalyst of hybrid nanoflowers comprising medicinal plant extracts for potential applications in medicine and cosmetics
13:00 Fabiana Munhoz The importance of sustainable sourcing of raw materials and how to achieve it
13:30 LUNCH
14:30 Bioactives Yann-Olivier Hay Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of combined traditional essential oils and hydrosols
14:50 Madelaine Venzon Calendula officinalis and Coriandrum sativum extracts do not have side-effects on a generalist insect predator
15:10 María Sánchez Morphoanatomical study of Acalypha guatemalensis Pax & Hoffm (Euphorbiaceae), a medicinal species popularly used in Guatemala
15:30 Vivian Zelada Anti-urease activity of native species of genus Piper with potential application in control of infections
15:50 Lilian Mussi Natural innovative antiageing solution
16:10 Amanda Barbosa Antioxidant activities of the Campomanesia dichotoma aqueous extract
17:00 Pedro-Rocha Filho Vegan cosmetics industry with high technology
17:20 Carmen L. Queiroga Liquid-liquid extraction of the Copaiba oleoresin


Phyto Ingredients Daniel Barreto

Rafaela Forzza

Marcia Marques

Claudia Lima

Silvia Basso

Bioprospection (new species and value chain establishment) & Natural ingredients (Diversity and sourcing)
18:30 – 19:00 Award Ceremony Honoring Recipients of the “Armando Cáceres Award”

Download here: IPPC Brazil 2017 – FULL PROGRAM_Final

November 29th

Presentations on Day Three 

Download here: IPPC Brazil 2017 – FULL PROGRAM_Final

Wednesday – 29 November 2017

08:30 Research needs and educational strategies for integration of Phytotherapy to health care services – Milagros Mesa
9:00 – 10:00 Visit to Natura (Free transportation from Bourbon Convention Center to Natura)

At the Natura

Cosmetics Site

14:00 Phytocosmetics Through Green Nanotechnology – The Next Generation of Smart Cosmetics – Kattesh V. Katti
14:30 Olfactive evaluation of perfumery natural ingredients – Danielle Barbizan
15:30 Ethical Biotrade in Cosmetics – Cristiane de Moraes
16:00 -17:30 Closing Ceremony Remarks

Iguatemi Costa, Daniel Barreto & Armando Caceres

17:30 Return to Bourbon Convention Center

Download here: IPPC Brazil 2017 – FULL PROGRAM_Final