Session Topics
Phytocosmetics Phytotherapy
  • Novel Natural Ingredients
  • Product Formulation & Labeling
  • Efficacy & Safety
  • Claim & Validation
  • Ethnomedicine
  • Pharmacology
  • Ethnobotany
  • Pharmacognosy
Phytochemistry Best practice

Bioactives and Antimicrobials

Discovery, Extraction, and Evaluation

Ethical, cultural and sustainable standards

Regulation and safety

Biodiversity and harmonization


Tracks and Extensions

1)            Ethic/Sustainable use of Botanicals

2)            New botanicals with potential use in Cosmetics

a.           Antioxidant

b.          Algae

c.          Antimicrobials, bioactive and essential oils

3)            Safety/Efficacy;

4)            Legal Issues/Limitations/Challenges;

5)            Technology

a.             Extraction process

b.             Biotechnology

c.             Propagation

6)            New ingredient/product commercial development

7)            Formulation

a.             Nanotechnology

b.             Emulsification

c.             Delivery systems

8)          Partnerships between science/industry